Jordy Jette's Beauty Boutique

Welcome to my Beauty Boutique!

My name is Jordanlynn, I am your independent SeneGence consultant and I'd love to help you find anything you need for your skin care and beauty routine as well as tips, tricks and hacks along the way.
I love spending time with my family and hanging out with friends and loved ones, as well as sharing these amazing products and helping women find products that really work for them.
I'd love to chat with you and learn more about your needs and help you discover the products that will level up your beauty routine. I am all about women supporting women, so let's link up and rock out 2022!

My Top Picks

My Favorite Products of All Time!

Climate Control

Climate Control is good for all skin types, with a cooling, soothing effect for dry and tired skin and added hydration without added grease for oilier skin types, this is called "miracle in a bottle" for a reason!


The very first product SeneGence ever released and it's still going steady. This long wearing liquid lip color is all gluten, cruelty and chemical free, and it really stays on!!

Collagen Nightpak

This nighttime mask is made of pure collagen. It is so soothing and incredibly hydrating. It is opulent and leaves my skin feeling pampered and refreshed by morning, no matter how dry it is at night.

My Favorite LipSense

My favorite LipSense shades, although these may change pretty often!!


This soft, neutral shade from the pink family is perfect for almost all skin tones and can easily transition from day to night. It also comes with it's own signature glosses, both matte and glossy.


This medium, neutral brown shade is absolutely gorgeous! I wear it constantly, it also comes with it's own signature matte gloss. It will also pair well with the new Capricorn gloss.

Fly Girl

Fly girl is a brilliant, show stopping red to boost your confidence even on the lowest days.


This light, nude shade is perfect for a no makeup makeup look, interviews and more.

Violet Volt

This electrifying purple hue is perfect for a night out on the town or any statement making look!

My Favorite ShadowSense

My favorite shadowsense shades of all time!

Natural Nudes Collection

This is a 3 for 1! With clove, a medium ash brown, Americano, a rich mahogany brown and natural tan, a neutral tan color, this collection is perfect for a variety of looks both together or separate.


This inky black shade is perfect for eyeliner or to smoke out for that perfect smokey eye.