Freedom Ambition Passion

Helping families and individuals achieve financial freedom

Hey everyone! Thanks for checking out my page! My name is Jordyn, I am a licensed financial professional, a friend, a sister and a sucker for all things growth and development.

My story - I grew up with seven siblings divided into two homes, things were pretty fun and crazy. My parents never worked the 9-5 job, and were able to be at my swim meets, field trips, pick me up from school everyday and take me on many vacations. They were business owners, and I wanted to live a similar lifestyle. I began working in the restaurant industry at fourteen, but always dreamt of something bigger for myself. I wanted to be recognized for the person I was and not be told what to do every time I went in to work. I wanted to have control of my time and make my own schedule. I wanted to make enough money so I could one day check everything off my bucket list. But I didn’t want to go to post secondary school for something I wasn’t sure if I would like. So I was stuck and constantly thinking - “How am I going to find something that meets everything I want without having to go to school for another 3-4 years?” In the summer of 2020, I came across an opportunity. An opportunity that would fulfill everything I wanted for myself, as long as I worked hard and did what I needed to do to make it a reality. So I began studying for my provincial license, and digging deeper into my goals and self-development all while working full time. I then registered my provincial license a short while later and I now have full control of my time and the ability to help families in ways they never thought possible. And the best part is, I can offer you the exact same opportunity.

What I do - I teach and educate families and individuals how money works, how it could be working against you, and help you to better understand your financial needs.

How I can help - I offer free, financial second opinions - with no obligations.

Message me! I’d love to chat - the opportunities are endless!

Jordyn Fifield