Jo-Joe’s Junk

Introducing Jo-Joe’s Junk

Hey Y’all 👋

We (Joe & Josie) are so excited to share our art with you!

Jo-Joe’s Junk is our specialty shop that we started in 2014. Our little shop is so much more than shelves full of wholesale pieces made by other companies in mass quantities!
What we (Joe & Josie) do is unique. We up-cycle & repurpose items from the past & breath new life into them so that they can be loved again in homes across the US.

We take the pieces that others view as trash or unsalvageable & turn them into New One of a Kind pieces.

Joe is a master welder by trade & fabricator. I have been a picker since childhood with a love of primitives & pieces from the past. I also have this gift to look at something & see multiple ways that it can be repurposed & functional.

Our shop offers such a wide variety of items there’s no possible way I could name them all. So what I’ll do instead is share with you some of the categories in which they fall & link our website so you can see some of our pieces for yourself.

*Yard & Garden Art
*Custom Signs
*Home Fragrance
*Home Decor
*Seasonal Decor

Please keep in mind while checking out our site that the pieces change all of the time. Over 95% of our pieces are hand made by us & one of a kind, Although you may see another similar item there are no two exactly the same.
We also do custom metal work & signage for our customers. If this is something you’re interested in you can contact us from our site letting us know what you’re looking for & we will get you a quote.

We can’t wait to share all that is to come with you & want to thank you for giving us the chance to share our art with you!

Jo & Joe

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Who Is Josie

A Woman On A Mission To Bring The Healing & Knowledge Of Our Ancestors Into The Future 🌿

Hey y’all my name is Josette but my friends & family call me Josie 👋

I’m a wife & mama 🥰 My hubby & I run 2 brick & mortar businesses & I also run 2 online businesses.

I’ve been a Nationally Licensed Massage Therapist & Aromatherapist with a background in Nutrition for 20+ years.

In 2014 I made my way into the Network Marketing Industry. In 2015 I went full time into the industry becoming a Top Leader & Coach. Helping others create a blueprint for their personal goals has became one of the greatest privileges in my life!

My journey into Health & Wellness started at 18yrs old. I knew I wanted to be in the field of helping others but I didn’t want to be a nurse or doctor. I wanted to help people to heal their body holistically the way my ancestors did.
This wasn’t really recognized as a career option while I was in high school nor was it recognized in the world of medicine. Yet it was what called to me & what I desired to do.

Than my 12th grade year in high school a Massage School opened up in my local area. They were just getting started so I watched the program closely that year to see if it was going to be the fit I was looking for.
I was impressed with the course outline & all the program encompassed so I enrolled the year summer after I graduated high school.

I had the great honor of being a pioneer in our local area paving the way for massage therapist to be recognized as an asset in the medical field.
I sat on boards, helped write code of ethics, worked hand in hand with chiropractors & insurance companies creating treatment plans for clients, I was the head massage therapist in 2 different offices & continued my education every time a new class became available.

What started as a desire to help others reach their optimum health turned into a burning passion & career.

My goal has evolved over the years into something so much bigger than what it started as!
I am on a mission now to educate others & help them realize the amazing abilities our bodies have to heal themselves when we treat them with the love & nurturing they deserve.

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