Jose’s Virtual Assistance

Admin task + email management + social media management + customer service

Hey there!
My name is Jose, I am a VA (Virtual Assistant). Our goal is to deviate you from the tauts of your business (such as time requiring tasks) by managing administration within your business, social medias, email, and customers.

Here we prioritize in helping small businesses, social media influencers, photographers, and content creators. We specialize in online marketing (promotions), administration of social medias (Instagram & Facebook set up, content creation, administration of the page, design, building of brand, client support, inquiries and contacts, caption creation, key-word research, video & picture editing, etc.), admin tasks (scheduling, data entry, outreach, development of presentations, guides, resources, billing, maintenance of client records, etc), email management (organization, scheduling, response + draft emails, management + update of contact list, auto-responders, event organization, customer service + support, etc.), and customer services as a whole (client support, inquiries + contact forms, building and maintaining relationships with current/lead clients, data entry, and event management.)

Our goal is to satisfy our clients in every single field acquired in regards to their business; we have a myriad of plans to choose from and we are more than happy to help in any of the fields listed above.

We work with experienced assistance and fields in which many businesses don’t have time to manage. We will ensure that our services satisfy the goal of your brand, and we’re here to help!

About Me

My name is Jose, I’m a young entrepreneur that wants to bring comfort to everyone around. As COVID struck our communities many businesses went from being physical to online, which made a change in most markets. My focus is to bring all the services your business needs, work on the different fields, and suffice with the outcome of the work that has been done, all within my own home.
I tend to adapt very easily within many different fields, I’ve been adapting most of my life ever since I moved here to the United States when I was 12. Most admire me for my work ethic, said to be impeccable, and the effectiveness all my work brings.

Contact & social media’s

+1 (786)-300-2559