Josh Lee

- Certified Personal Trainer
- CF-L2
- Front Range Strength and Conditioning Denver, CO.

My coaching philosophy is fundamentally grounded on enhancing life through movement and personal development practices. I help change the narrative that dissipates ones ability to live to their highest potential by implementing practical and sustainable habits. My mission is not solely derived on your physical well-being, but to also augment mindset and self awareness. Understand that there will be failures and setbacks, and that these are the required prerequisites to the better version of yourself. Overcoming will build resilience, create confidence, and most importantly, provide you the growth you need to become the individual you desire.

Self Education

A handful of some of my favorite personal development books.

The Holy Bible

This first recommendation needs no introduction. The only book to withstand the test of time. Whether you’re a believer of Jesus Christ or not, spirituality is what keeps us centered. As I’ve journeyed through my life and have placed my faith in Jesus amongst millions of other people, I find refuge in the one who gave their life for my sins. When life has thrown its hardest blows, I always find myself here. Why?

Think and Grow Rich

At my lowest point in my life, and desperate for answers, this book made its way to me and revolutionized the way I think. Napoleon Hill studied hundreds of America’s wealthiest people, and has sold 25 million copies worldwide. As a pupil of Dale Carnegie, Hill composed this masterpiece that contains the “secret” to success.

How to Win Friends and Influence People

Though this book was published during the Great Depression, its principles are still applicable to today. Carnegie offers easy and practical tips on how to maneuver through any social setting to set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd.

7 Habits I’d Highly Effective People

Steven Coveys powerful lessons in personal change are eloquently written. Dense in nature, this book will allow you to think far beyond the surface into becoming a well rounded leader. Accept all perspectives and take advantage of the opportunities that change can create.

The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck

You read that right. Mark Manson gives his original take on life and gives you a lot of reasons to not give a F%$#.