josie rose

who is this girl?

I’m a 21 year old gal born in Weyburn, SK- but I grew up mostly in Calgary, AB.

I have an eye for art as I have done dance, painting, singing and acting in my years during school. I have even directed my own play! of course I had to check off one last box and get into modelling...
so with me - getting creative with what the camera captures is important! I can present many of these skills to adhere to the look you want in a photoshoot.

I am on the short side (but good things come in small packages), so you may have to play with angles and high heels when working with me.

I also wear hearing aids, and need them in busy spaces- however, I can make do without wearing them upon request for shooting or if you want me to work with water as they aren’t waterproof!
thank you in advance for taking this small step to include diverse people into the modelling gig!

I hope you’ve learnt a little something new about me and what I have to offer! please click below to see my portfolio, and previous work with other photographers.


“representin’ different with a world of color”

what do I want in my photos?

click here to see pins of inspo on my pinterest!

how can I navigate/work with a h.o.h. or deaf model?

as someone who is hard of hearing,

I want to make it clear that us with hearing loss are just like everyone else!

you may only need to consider a few simple steps or tips to help include us individuals who struggle with fully or partially hearing loss to let us enjoy all social media without feeling left out.

Jackie Art’s “get moving” mv

feat. Josie Rose

check out this local Calgary artist with his amazing rap lyrics and visuals, who gave me the opportunity to feature in this music video for his song, “Get Moving” from one of his many albums!