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My name's Josie love. I'm the co-founder of Josies Angels a Nonprofit organization that will be expected to help 100 plus girls a month.

We will focus on helping women who are escaping human trafficking domestic violence and well any type of violence whether it be street workers who are escaping sex trade industry or it be sponsorship where the spouse is trying to leave their sponsee from another country or just plain old abuse in any type.... We we use real day situations and real women helping women with their personal experience strength and hope they can offer something that no other foundation or organization offers a sense of hope and healing we are not going to dwell on the negative of the situation like the other organizations but yet we are going to rebirth to a new life we are going to embrace what we have and we are not going to victimizerves we are going to learn new skills and we are going to work together to to appear to peer sponsee sponsor program once you join Josie's angels that you will be forever part of something bigger you will be helping women all over the city.

We hope to have an outreach service where there will be cooking a place to sleep shower and it will be in different locations all the time we're hoping a motor home as well as they'll be referrals and references and nurse practitioner once a week as well as a bad dates board and we will hold counseling and housing meetings as well as you could do an intake for the program which would help you get into our phase one program where you will learn life skills you will get a place in one of our homes and you will secure your first part of the assignment which is saying goodbye to the trauma.

Phase 2 is now that you say goodbye to the trauma you need to start a new life so this is where we do any type of cosmetic surgery makeovers and we start doing career counseling and get an idea of what these girls want to do with their lives at the time you'll be taking courses like financial living for every day you'll open your own bank account you'll learn how to budget and you'll be also starting to take on new newbies that come into the home.

Phase 3 is where you will be graduating this is where you will have tried three different types of careers you will have decided on what you would like to do with your life you have already started probably your first semester of school you are living independently in the face rehousing you have maybe a couple newbies under your wings you've earned your full wings and you are ready to move out of the phase three housing but you will forever be an angel.

As well as they'll be a court program to bail out girls who are Street girls homeless addicted to drugs and need help maybe from bad abuse in the past if they fit the criteria a member of our team will go down and meet with them and see if we can bail them out.

I believe if this launches properly the turnover on street women being abused and women helping women could be over 500 a month in the greater Toronto area coming off the streets or out of a scary situation getting their kids back or starting a new career getting back on their feet and helping others because you can only have what you you can only keep what you have by giving it to someone else.