A Little Bit of Me

Be obsessed with your own potential

Hey ya’ll, I’m Josie .. but call me Jos!

In December 2019 I made the decision to turn my scrolling into an income! I also earned my first FREE trip from this business 😍 if I can do it, you can do it xo!

Social media was never my strong suit; I had under 300 followers and rarely ever posted on my feed or story. Just over a year later and I’ve grown my social media, my community and my time & financial freedom! I had no experience in sales; but took a chance on myself!

I needed to take control of my finances. I need to gain more time freedom for friends and loved ones! I felt like I was constantly on the go! I went from working full time in childcare to now working part time as an online admin assistant! I’ve gained more time in my life for the things I love to do & for loved ones!

Let me help you gain financial freedom & time freedom! Let me help you grow your savings account and pay off debt! This biz is truly for anyone willing to work; you can do this too!

Stay tuned for the rest of my journey xo