Hi Journalholics and Stationeryholics!👋

Let's relax and unleash one's creativity through making journal spreads/scrapbooking🤎

I just found journaling as a way of destressing myself from work & unleashing one's creativity. I loved making artworks and art projects long ago (back when I was still a student and not yet employed😅) but was under hiatus during employee years since I was so focus on my new job & new environment.
Lately, I accidentally wander into the journaling world/community and was fallen in love to the ideas and designs of making journal spreads and bujos especially to vintage designs, as my old soul fascinates with vintage things. Am I an old soul? Maybe.😉 Also been in loved to the different kinds and textures of papers used for creating journal spreads.
Journaling reminded me of my old hobby, where my happiness were calligraphy, writing, designing, crafting, drawing and painting. And so the longed passion & fire of creativity ignited, and I found my happiness again; things which keep me sane.
On the other hand, I crafted and sell mixed journaling materials for a very affordable prices only! (Please visit my shopee shop for affordable finds🔍🙏)
I wish everyone who's into journaling a creative journal journey! 🌠
Creativity is ageless and has no limits!
Your available limited materials won't stop you from creating; you just have to learned to find alternatives.😉 Just don't be discourage! Each one's output are all unique and has beauty on its own.
Stay creative lovies, happy journaling!💕

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