Hey my herbal babes!

Let me introduce you to the inside world of Journee Lifestyle Herbs.

My name is Chartarra Yelverton. I am a new self-inspired herbalist from East Orange, New Jersey.

I am passionate about creating and formulating ideas on how to herbal acreativity, and formulat and teaching women how to live a clean and healthy lifestyle through the use of medicinal herbs to heal the body. When I'm not using the two hand that gods has bestowed upon me. I be reading and searching information on how to perfect my craft in formulate herbs.

My mission as a black business owner is to teach and inform women how to live a healthy lifestyle through the use of medicinal herbs. I can help you to overcome the feeling of anxiety by formulating a medicinal tea blend to treat stress.

By day you will definitely find me at my nine to five job at the NYC Board of Ed, and by night I be winging Journee Lifestyle Herbs, LLC using my creativity gift from God in for blending teas.

My mantra is.........

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As a business owner, I understand the complexity of running a black owned business and at the same time providing a trustworthy and loyalty service to satisfy customers needs.