About Tee

Middle-aged diagnosed with two life altering illnesses. Atlantoaxial instability and nine months later stage 3 grade 2 Non Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s been a struggle trying to stay positive but I am fighting it with every ounce of my being.

My name is Terri but most refer to me as Tee. I am a wife, mother of two grown sons and grandmother to five. I am also a friend, sister, and daughter. My hubby, Tom and I have three 🐶🐶🐶fur-kids.

My life has been somewhat of a train wreck as some may call it because it has really taken me on some wild and crazy rides. ✌💁

My brother always referred to me as a free spirit. I wasn’t sure how to take that but as I got older and a little wiser,...I actually embraced the free-spirit and now with all on my plate I’m proud to be known as “fearless free -spirit”. 🤩

I have a bachelors degree in criminal justice and worked as a social worker for the juvenile justice system and children youth and families. Of course that was before these crazy insane diagnoses. I’ve always loved helping others and believe that just about everyone deserves a second chance. ⚖️

When I’m feeling all right, I really enjoy hanging out with family and friends, reading, writing, drawing, listening to music, riding motorcycles, and traveling.

So, with that being said why not jump 🚃✈️aboard my journey and follow along for the ride.