Journey To Your Self Love —

Liana Victoria - Self Love Coach

Hiya and Welcome.

I am a Self Love Coach and Reiki Practitioner based in the UK, but able to connect with women around the world via Zoom - thank you 21st Century tools!

I'm 34 and a single Mama of five - a Self Love Advocate a little bit obsessed with Nature, Crystals, Oracle Cards, Taking Photographs and Personal Development, among many other things.

I work mainly with women who have lost: their sense of self, their confidence and their zest for life.

I find Motherhood can be a huge trigger for these particular issues.
Though Co-Dependent/Toxic Relationships, Grief or significant Break-Ups can also be catalysts for what feels like a breakdown or life spiralling out of control, leaving us feeling unfamiliar with who we are and at a loss of where we are headed.

I have been there babe,
I remember it all, all too well - and when I found a way out, all I wanted to do was offer a helping hand to ANYONE else who ever found herself there.
So, here I am.

If you're finding any of this relatable and it is affecting your day-to-day life then you are probably searching for a change?

What I offer initially is:
- A Free and Confidential 1-To-1 Call
Where I Promise You Will Be Heard
- Ending With A Personalised Plan to Step Into Your Own Self Love Journey

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