About Me...

A believer who values living life with the joys of family

Hello... my name is Avail and I am a wife of 7 years and a girl mom to 3 precious angels. I have a new YouTube channel where I take you on my journey through the battle of Weightloss, my motherhood experience and some fun clean and decorate with me videos!
Check out the link below!
I’m 33 years young, a corporate America professional who enjoys traditional/farmhouse decor, travel, and homemaking. That’s right... working moms are homemakers too and I love it!
If you could describe me in one word it would be PASSIONATE!
The phase of life I am experiencing right now is worth sharing! I have grown in my mental state of maturity, motherhood, spirituality and marriage. The journey of life can be seen through many perspectives. I’m simply sharing my perspective through a spiritual yet realistic lens.
As a new comer to social media mid 2019 I set out to create a community of reality within your individual journey by sharing my personal journey and life experiences.
Not everyone is super slim with a big house on the hill. Rather we are working on our bodies, filling up our spirit and determined to be better, more organized and functional mommies, wives, leaders or whatever position you may hold!
Join me on my journey as we learn and share with each other... a journey of reality!



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