go bravely, go boldly - or do not go.

hello, welcome!
my name is jowella. i’m typically always on the hunt for the new food joint, a chronic boba consumer, and all-in-all, gluttony is my vice.
i recently discovered ennagrams and i'm a two! that means i'm a helper. INFJ on the myers-briggs personality test, also known as the "advocate". to put it in perspective, other known INFJs are nelson mandela, martin luther king, jon snow (GoT), and even mother teresa.
in short, i'm a caring idealist. i will fight for what's right and i'll help you do it too.
as an idealist, when i see a kink in the system, i can't bring myself to put myself thru it. very rarely will i go by the saying "if you can't beat em, join em". i need to do what feels right in my gut.
to be frank, i've always felt kind of lost in life trying to find what i was meant to be/do (idealist, remember?) and i'm STILL figuring out. all i know is the last thing i want is to hate what i do, therefore i'll do it all. i'm open-minded and adventurous.

i joined monat and had questions like everyone else. if you have any questions, i'd be happy to answer! monat has disrupted the haircare industry because of the credible technology and research behind our plant-based products. our skincare line is blowing up since we launched it in 2019. i'd love to get you your best hair and skin of your life! you have 30 days to try luxury vegan products, no catch whatsoever.
i will personally be the one who will help you out, and you'll have a whole team behind you hosting training calls on whatever you need.

beyond that i've started to learn trading! its so exciting but i'm still in the beginning stages of it. if you want to learn with me, find the link on the next page!

i love to share the things i love and live by, so you'll find any and all affiliate links here.