J.O.Y. = Journey Of You

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Hey love, you don’t have to stay stuck on the struggle bus feelin Funk’d up a moment longer, AND you don’t have to journey alone.

I’ve got you! I’ve been right where you are at with all the heartbreak, grief & confusion wondering if I’ll ever feel joy again.

Wherever you find yourself today, know it’s ok, AND the exciting news is, YOU get to choose what comes next.

It’s time to use JOY as your GPS to design a life your obsessed with.

Choose from one of the options below. By choosing to take ONE action today you’ll begin the process of reclaiming your joy.

Message me on Instagram @joyfullybee and let me know which step you took. I can’t wait to support your sweet soul!

Hi, I’m Heidi Bee!

Divorce Coach & CJO, Chief Joy Officer

My mission is to help women reclaim their J.O.Y. after divorce.

I’m obsessed with joy because it’s THE #1 transformation tool I used to rebuild my life after divorce. Reclaiming my joy allowed me to figure out who the heck I was on my own, find my passion, live my purpose, and design the life I desire. I went from “funk’d up” to “fired up” about loving myself & my life, and now I’ve made it my life’s purpose to help other women do the same.

As a certified Life Coach, personal trainer, & breathwork facilitator, my goal is to SIMPLIFY self-discovery & divorce recovery.

Joyfully Divorced Coaching provides a holistic approach & “one stop shop” for healing, health & happiness.


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