Become a Joy Seeker

I can help you go from surviving to thriving.

From the minute we are born we are in survival mode. It takes an intentional shift to go from survival mode to co-creator of your life.

I can help you gain the tools and knowledge to make sustainable changes in your life so you can live a more present, joyful, and positive daily life.

About me

I am Kadie Black

Four years ago I went on a cruise with my entire family and my husband side of the family. I never left the cabin. At the time I didn’t realize how dark the clouds over me were. I had it all. The incredible three-bedroom apartment overlooking New York City, wonderful and loving friends, a handsome and adoring husband, two incredible children, and a dream job.... But I was stuck in the inertia of life, the weight of the expectations of everyone around me, shame and insecurity, limiting beliefs, and a horrible inner dialogue.

What changed? I found joy. Through a lot of growth, self-exploration, self investment, self-love, and mindset shifting tools I was able to climb out of the darkness and into my light.

Now, I want to help you find your light again!

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Ready to make a shift?

There are several ways to work with me!

Please ask about sliding scale services. I started coaching so I could be in service. I believe my method should be accessible to anyone who feels called to work with me.

Joy Seeker

This is a five week live course that will lay the foundation of joy, self-love, gratitude, and help you develop your daily practice. You will gain the tools to become a mindset shifter using gratitude, positivity, and joy. Each week we will dive into topics that will help you build tour tool-box. You will also receive resources in-between to help you incorporate the concepts and knowledge into everyday life.

This is a great place to start if you are looking for the tools and knowledge to help shift your mindset and experience a more joyful everyday life.

This course has helped people find their joy and happiness again!

$555 for five week, one hour live coaching each week, and support throughout the week.

Surviving to Thriving

This course is for people who have mastered the art of survival, but are ready to make the switch to co-creating their lives.

Life is happening for us, not to us. This course helps you gain the knowledge and tools to invest in yourself and create the life you have always dreamed of.

This six week course covers so many incredible topics to help you align your energy with the universe and really start thriving!

$678 for six weeks, weekly one hour live coaching, with resources and support throughout.

1:1 coaching sessions are great for ongoing growth and accountability.

$888 for a Package of 10 session

Try a session for free and see if it’s right for you.

There’s no commitment, pressure, or obligation.

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What are my clients saying?

“I learned to be more mindful, to focus on those things in my life that bring me more joy and to do things for others that bring others joy.”
MK, F, 60s, New York

“Kadie helped me change my mindset and get out of my funk. After only three weeks of the course I was in a much better place and attracted my sole mate.”
RB, M, 30s, San Diego

“Kadie’s joy is contagious. Working with her changed my life in so many ways. I am grateful I invested in myself by working with her.”
GH, F, 40s, Miami

“I found joy again after years of dark days. I am so happy I found Kadie.”
KP, F, 30s, Miami

“Working with Kadie helped me realize I am not alone, I am capable, and I can choose joy. I am much more aware of how I speak to myself and now have the tools I need to be more positive.”
PT, F, 40s, New York

“Kadie is a wonderful cheerleader and teacher. She is a great listener and really helped me find find joy again.”
LM, M, 40s, Miami

Got joy?

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