Experience the JOY w/ AMMOY!

Vote Shantie “Ammoy” Binger for 2022-2023 Sophomore Vice President!

Hi, My name is Shantié Binger. Yeah, that’s my birth name, but most of you know me as Ammoy. I am running for Vice President of the class of 2025. I am prepared to help make 2022-2023 the best school year yet! I am ready to dedicate my time to our class and to enrich our sophomore year at Towson High. As our class Vice President, I will support the vision of our class President and offer the following; Improving school funding with fundraisers and dances, offering culturally relevant incentives, and increasing the General school pride! Where I am from, High School was not always viewed as a positive experience. Attending Towson has allowed me to change my perspective. I believe in the joys of High School which include: 1. A community where we all belong, 2. A culture of diversity, and 3. A campus where our voices matter! I want to say good luck to my opponents, and once again, vote for me, Shantie Binger. I am looking forward to spending this year as the vice president of our class. Remember experience the joy with Ammoy!

A COMMUNITY where we all belong!

A CULTURE of diversity!

A CAMPUS where each voice matters!