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Hola! This blog is about my journey with Christ and my many adventures in life! Join me as I share with you guys my insights, experiences, my favorite songs, quotes and many more. I might even share my personal testimony later on! 😉😊

2 Chronicles 15:7

But as for you, be strong and do not give up, for your work will be rewarded

A recent verse that spoke to me while I was having my daily devotion. It just reminded me that all my works were not in vain and had a purpose. I hope that you could also take this verse of encouragement and uplift your days! Below is one of my favorite Christian songs during those times. Enjoy! 💗

Even If

Ezra 8:8

Out of nowhere, Covid-19 suddenly came and hit all of us out of our daily routines. Is there a meaning behind it? Ezra 8:8 explains that God has been gracious in leaving us a remnant and giving us a firm place in His sanctuary. And so our God gives light to our eyes and a little relief to our bondage.”. You might wondering where and what is His sanctuary. Well it’s where God wants you to be in. A place maybe you don’t expect or a place that you just treasure. Nevertheless, it’s a place where you could feel God’s presence.
The remanant reminds us that there will be little pieces of our past capturing us or holding us to bondage. But if we are reminded of God’s provision, no matter what we are doing or where we are, we will be safe when we are with Him.
How about the bondage? This could be anything from anxiety, worry, fear to temptation to sin; anything that unables you to experience God’s presence divine presence. However, God reminds us in this verse that he gives light and relief in this bondage. Hence, we do not need to fear! In times like these, where our only barrier of getting to go out with people close to us is because of the virus, trust and surrender will help us get through this tough time.


How can I keep from Singing

The Prayer

Andrea Bocelli & Celine Dion

Song of the Day

Love this song, which makes your day seem a little brighter. It gives a vibe of warmth and calmness. Hope you listen to it!

Close to you

Song of the Day

Stumbled upon the song quite recently and found very interesting yet sentimental. I typically favored Luke Islam's rendition-it was so beautiful! He had so many emotions going on and I was just speechless. Others were good too and of course the original, but I couldn't get enough of the first cover.

This song was taken from the film Waitress in 2007. The cast tried to premiere in 2015 but wasn't able to. However, it was 2016 where the show started. Currently, it has cast in Massachusetts and London. Soon it will be shown in Sydney.

*Disclaimer*-I'm not sponsored by any organisation. All my statements are from my own personal interest or opinion and have no intention of belittling others.

Luke Islam's cover-"She Used to be Mine"

Alison Luff's rendition (main character in Waitress)-"She Used to be Mine'

Sara Bareilles-"She Used to be Mine"

Song of the Day

Honestly, when I first heard this song, I didn't like it that much. But it kept playing on the radio; I had no choice but to listen to it. After hearing it a couple of times I kinda liked it. The meaning behind the song is beautiful! It has proven to display deep sentiments. This song, I guess, is one of those when trodding on this Christian life just brings comfort.

When you are down or have this feeling that you are on the verge of giving up, with all these voices in your mind saying that you are not enough, this is the song to listen to. Enjoy!

You Say

Quote of the Day

I love the beauty of this saying. It's true we are fallen people who need someone greater to rescue us from our sins. It's just so comforting to find that in God. We may sometimes deny it or we may not accept the truth, but the fact is that is the Truth. It's always going to be there... Trust in the Lord everlasting and you will find what your looking for ☺️.

My One that Got Away

This song speaks personally to me. I could relate as I had a season in my life where I encountered this situation. Let's just say I got into a frisky relationship when I was younger, which had a bummer of an ending. To cut the long story short he was my one that got away so we didn't end up together and that took a long while to process. Many crying, questions and up to now acceptance.

My advice?
Don't get into a relationship when your not ready to invest or commit. Wait till your ready to marry. God made relationships for a purpose and it's not for your hearts to be broken. Sometimes we may think we know what's best when in reality we don't. His plans are greater and have far more insight than what we know. Let God direct us in this path and you will never know, it might be greater than you imagined.

Lots of love,

The One that Got Away

Book of the Day

Today is my Dad's birthday and instead of giving a gift to him, I instead stumbled upon this book. The plot was very interesting. The book revolves around a young girl who encounters various trials politically, religiously, and even family related problems. She then decides to read the Bible (ohhh) and uses this to guard herself. Since, i'm just starting this novel, I would, though, recommend it to all Christians who would want an unique twist on how one could combat the sayings of people and the trials one could face in the world. Don't get ne wrong though even though you may not be a believer yet in the faith, I would still recommend this great read. It may kickstart that fire faith in you. Add your insights on my other blog's forum (what made notable features piqued your interest?). See what you think 😉.

Quote of the Day


This quote reverberates the reality of the Christian life. There may be times when choosing to walk in the path of where God wants us to trod, seems almost unbearing. But we have to realise that God gave us these hindrances for a purpose. Just as the quote says "..passes through the hands of your Father in heaven". Everything was first approved by God. If you think you are going through a tough time, you are not alone.

J's Advice?
You could call your friend, talk to your family member or even call up that cool teacher or that nice counselor. Anything goes! It's fine to bug people from time to time especially if you need help. However, we cannot forget that the real answer comes from our prayer life and our personal walk with Jesus. This could be done by spending your own time reading and meditating on God's Word (quiet time).

https://youtu.be/7oIWsPHbDf8 (you could watch the Sunday service where this quote was taken)

See ya & Signing off,

Genesis 39:23

The warden paid no attention to anything under Joseph’s care, because the Lord was with Joseph and gave him success in whatever he did.

These verse speaks volumes as it made me realize that no matter what season we are in, God is there for us. Joseph, if we recall, had various points in life where he experienced so much difficulty. There were moments where he was at the lowest peak, while there were some where he was blessed at a hiW highest. My leader in my fellowship said that it was very mysterious yet interesting how the story of Joseph's life was told in a third person point of view. Hence, it brings wonders that during these trials, what was Joseph actually thinking. We could guess that maybe he was anguished, hurt, disappointed at the pitfalls of his life, but we can't also tell if he was very pleased, hopeful thankful or blessed. But that's not the main point. Sometimes we tend to focus so much on what's wrong or focus on a specific timeline or period that we forget that God was there. God's got your back. He's gotchu (as how most millenials would say) 😄. I too am currently going through a tough time; have questions which only God can answer. In these season the best thing we could do is trust in His Word and His being and hopefully, it will soon come to pass ☺️.

I was contemplating the other day of opportunities. It was described back in highschool as a person with all her hair in front of her face. In order for one to get the opportunity, it was imagined when one grabs hold of the all the hair. All in all it wasn't an attractive sight. However, relating that to the Christian sense, do we experience more or less opportunities? I had an experience where I was applying for a leadership position. I just casually prayed for it and hope God would answer it (I will tell the ending of the story a little later as I further discuss opportunity). But that's not the point. God does provide us with many opportunities. Some He opens, some He closes. I think it's a myth that opportunity comes once, because when once God opens a door, and you don't accept, He provides many other opportunities for you to be redirected. It might not be the same, but even something better (although sometimes it is the same).

My advice?
Don't worry if you didn't get that position, thing or person you wanted 😜. Pray about it and you'll see that God's timing is the best!

What happened at the end of the story?
The same exact opportunity was given, but my priorities shifted. Hence, I didn't apply for that position.

Lots of love,

Authenticity —

In a world reaching for riches, fame, and glory what is still true?

The main theme for today is authenticity. Watching this youtube song made me realize that what can captivate a person's heart or a person's life is being true to one's self. Here she was able to convey her sentiments for the world to see!

Maybe your stuck in a season and don't know what to do. Try asking this question to yourself, "Are you being true? Is this what I really want to do?". Just contemplating on these questions brings a lot different emotions to the surface. Even saying this to myself seems a challenge as I had my fair-shares of regrets and disappointments.

Relating this to the Christian walk, Jesus had to be authentic to his audience and also to God. Just think about what will happen if His whole story was fake. No one would follow Him! However, turning aside this, we now see that in this uncertain times, there are millions of followers believing and following Christ. The Christian walk has to be intentional, genuine and real.

Nightbird's Original Song AGT

Song of the Day

Hymn of Heaven

Love how the song just resonates within me. The song gives a straightforward glimpse of God's eternal kingdom.
Listen to it! 😉

Hymn of Heaven-Phil Wickham

Life at its Fullest

I came across this video and wondered what it would be like if people did what they really wanted. I heard a lot of stories about people who venture into Medicine, Law, Business fields that aren't sure of what they are getting into. People go into one field and the next thing you know is that they are switching careers. This is not a bad thing as a lot of people are still trying to figure out what they want to do in life.
This video reflects how a simple joy of making slime becomes a milestone of a teenage girl creating her own business at just the age 17! Now don't get me wrong, this is crazy. At 17, successful! Wow!
This video shares that no matter how young you are if you passionate about what you are doing, one can imagine the impossible!

See you next time Lovelies,

Slime Video