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I'm from New Roads, La., but I currently live in Dallas, Tx. I'm a READER, a SHOPPER and a TRAVELER. I'm also a student, completing my B.S. degree in Business Management and Leadership.

I'm an extroverted introvert and a CAPRICORN♑. Yes, I'm THE 🐐 by birth.

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Big OLE legs

I want to introduce my friend, Lipedema.
She is a disorder characterized by symmetric enlargement of the legs due to deposits of fat beneath the skin.

It is a common condition, occurring almost exclusively in women (affecting up to 11% of women). The cause of lipedema is unknown; however, there is evidence of hormonal and hereditary influences.

I remember waking up one day and noticing my with "big fat legs" for the first time and thinking something was wrong. My doctor thought it was fluid😬, and I've been on BP and fluid pills for YEARS and my legs stayed the same.

Thanks to a Google search of "big fat legs", and a picture of a lady with MY LEGS, I was finally able to understand why my legs were so big no matter how much I dieted and exercised.

I'm tired of the stares and questions, so here I am with some education. I want to wear strappy heels, so I'm ready to take the next step with a consultation, and hopefully scheduling the surgery really soon.

Surgical treatment (tumescent liposuction and reductive surgery) is the most effective treatment to remove the fatty tissue. The results can be maintained for an average of five years. It is not covered by many insurance companies YET, but with the current education being brought forth by lipedema warriors and the great doctors that know and treat it, it's starting to get the recognition it deserves.


I love having alone time, and I try to indulge every chance I get.

White Rock Lake

I love to to walk around White Rock Lake when I'm in need of some exercise and fresh air.

Read A Book

Get lost in the land of books by living the life of the characters by my FAV author Ivy Symone.


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