J's Passion For Jesus King of Kings Boricua Food catering

Passionate Cook About Jesus and Food

God bless you ! My Names Juan Rodriguez I Go by Chef J, and I'm a Very Passionate Man Of God and Cook God deposited in me a Love For Cooking for people I'm Famous For my tripletas that are Made with 4 meats, And Moist Mofongos With Carne Frita and Shrimp I also specialize in Pinchos Which are Kebobs Just Hispanic Version This was a God Giving Vision it all started with a Dream and God Fulfilled it Into Reality I was a Janitor at the time In feburary 11th 2020 I was sitting in my Janitor Closet when i wrote the Dream Down and presented it to God From that moment forward God started working Miracles as I also took the Initiative Step to Let fear of failure Go and Let God almighty Guide my steps we started off First with Empanadas Chicken and Beef Going to Barbershop to Barbershop and From there God took me Further I Give him all the Glory and Credit and Here we are Now Growing each and everyday For hes Glory And were here to serve you Guys with Love and Passion and compassion Here at "J's Passion For Jesus King of Kings boricua Food catering " we Cook with Lots Of love and Passion We Cook as if we were cooking For our self's We love to Serve, For our King Served Us First We Love Humanity and Wish And Pray to make the world A Happier place with one Plate at a Time..