living undefined🦋💜

Hello Friends! Here is a little bit about me and my page...

I’m Jordan Garcia and currently reside in Phoenix, Arizona. I am originally from Michigan, in which one of my happy places is Lake Michigan. I plan on becoming an attorney as it has always been a dream of mine. Outside of my passion for law, I also love fashion and being creative as well as helping create awareness for chronic invisible illness which led me to create this page!

“Jubie” is a nickname my younger brother gave me when he was little and has stuck ever since while “jubilance” is my favorite word signifying happiness—together “jubie-lance.” On my page, I strive to bring fashion/style inspiration, create awareness for chronic invisible illness, and encourage you to live undefined all while sharing pieces of my life including being a law student.

Being mixed race (half White and half Hispanic) as well as living with an invisible chronic illness (systemic lupus), I have had to create my own power and strength by transcending categories and labels in which others attempt to fit me into a box and metaphorically be an advocate against my own body since often my symptoms are unpredictable and not visibly present or I “don’t look sick.” None of us are defined by any one identity, struggle, nor limitation. Strength and empowerment lie in transformation through any struggle—understanding and nuanced perspectives. Living undefined is to let your inner reflection/truth and own normal shine no matter who/what may try to stop you.

Stay tuned for more!
Sending you lots of love and light✨,
Jordan aka “Jubie”