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Living with Depression

9th April 2021

There comes a time in a man's life when he wants nothing but to give up and turn his back on life . He becomes frustrated and everything wearies him. Emotions goes out of hand, mental health becomes nothing to write home about , in short, we can say he becomes a shadow of himself. At that point he wants nothing but to die. We can say here that depression, a mood disorder that is defined as losing interest in important part of life, having low mood and feeling persistently sad and hopeless has crept in.
I can out rightly say that depression is not prejudice, it affects people of different genders, ages and any background. Teens has been rated as one that never go through depression but theirs is one that needs to be looked into and treated with care and love not the shrug of shoulders or turning your back out on them , when they are in need of serious help.
As a seventeen years old, I have a personal experience with depression. I could be laughing and having these awesome time with my friends yet, in the back of my mind, I'm so alone and all I want to do is to curl up and cry. I'm just on an overwhelming solitude and that tiny voice in my head keeps telling me that I cannot be loved , I'm alone and no one really cares and to top it, nobody understands me. Yet I know that having worked hard and gone so far in life, I'm at a point where I have super amazing friends who loves me and are there for me, that I am loved and not alone.
Depression is so devastating as it makes you feel nothing and so you fake everything so that those around you don’t notice, most times, you are never successful. At that point, everything you do, goes wrong because you are less interested in them. You lose control over your thoughts and it weighs you down, you begin to seek desperately a way to feel better without fighting your demons. In your depressed state, you begin to have crazy ideas on a way out and you think about cutting, smoking, partying even sexing, just to feel good but they are no solutions, and are not healthy too. Seeking for what’s healthy, you tend to flock around friends more often just to talk yourself out the feeling.
Basically , you just do nothing but survive as the zeal to actually live life is gone and instead of putting a full stop to the feeling, you see a semicolon as an option and often, you see yourself in a situation that makes you ignorant of the fact that the most important thing in life is to be happy. Depression eats you inside out, turns you into a bad thing even an enemy of your own self. You don’t want to wake because living seems like a nightmare, you feel frustrated as it is impossible to sleep and you get exhausted from all the voices in your head . Throughout the struggle, you know you need help but asking for it makes you feel like a burden, you have no motivation and feels nothing for yourself, seeing no future either.
People who live with depression has enormous struggle to overcome. Compassionate care,psychatric support, reassurance, social support and advocacy from friends and loved ones go a long way in helping one overcome and


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Friday 16th April, 2021

Sinking down into the Atlantic's depth

In the stillness of passion entropy

Suspended dreams drifts silently

Non animated feelings, so full of emptiness

A single note in a symphony

Yearning for harmony, that special tone

I'm underwater, where stillness heals.