Judy Moon | Biz Mentor

Turning Dreams Into Reality

Hi, I’m Judy! Thanks for stopping by my page.

I live by the ocean 🌊☀️ in sunny Southern California and I am on a mission to help other ambitious women to create Impact & a Freedom Lifestyle.

I’m a certified Dream Builder Coach & Mindset Mentor.

I empower and mentor women all over the world (in the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Poland, Spain, and Lithuania) to create their own thriving businesses working from Wifi. 📲

Living a freedom lifestyle has always been my jam and I am passionate about helping others to design a life they love living. Living a freedom lifestyle is many things to me. 🌈

It’s about being at the helm of my own life to live in a way that means most to me – meaning and purpose. It’s about never having to check my soul at the door of a job where I am working for someone else’s dreams. It’s about having the impact to support others to live their best lives and dreams. It’s about never having to say no to something important to me or my family because of a lack of money.

I may be 68, but don’t let the silver hair fool ya - I’m feistier than most 20-year-olds and just getting warmed up! 🔥

When I’m not growing my empire you can find me walking the beach with my Labrador Izzy, hiking the mountains, and exploring the wineries of SoCal. And then of course there is always travel ✈️ (Italy is my fave place in the world to visit) and my insatiable passion for personal development and lifting others up to live their best life.

I’m so humbled and grateful to lead a team of over a thousand women to unapologetically step into their greatness and shine brightly. ✨

And there’s room at the table for you too.

If you’re here because you feel like something’s missing and there’s gotta be more to this life than just barely getting by, if you too are asking yourself, what’s next, you’re in the right place.

Check out the links on the next page to get in touch with me (or just shoot me a DM).

XO Judy 💜