Hello! I'm joudy my name is pronounced as Judy but I like to write it joudy anyways I'm almost 13, my birthday is 28/12/2008.

I like cats and dogs but mostly cats lol, I want to die but suicide is haram so I can't do that☹️ & I have a really embarrassing account on TikTok that I don't want anybody to see it has 2 really embarrassing vids of me when I was little I think those vids were 3 years ago or something I don't really remember but good luck finding it🤪🥲 and yeah that's it there is nothing to do in my life, my life is so boring and my humor is broken af

My life could be mysterious to you but for me it is just a sad boring life that I want to die and get it overwith but I can't, yeah.

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My Top most favourite fast food places!

I like eating at a different & new fast food places.

There is a variety of fast food places to go and eat at so today I'll be showing you my top most recommended places to go eat at! 😄

Recommendation #1

When I tried eating at chick-fil-a the burgers were so tasty and amazing I really like the taste I feel like it was the best fast food burger that I have like ever tasted and I really recommend their burgers especially the original burger it's amazing. 😋👍

Recommendation #2

Up next is McDonald's. McDonald's is the most fast food place or restaurant that I'm literally addicted to, I eat McDonald's really often and it just tastes so good

Recommendation #3

I've tried their chicken ranch pizza several times and it is amazing I used to not like Papa John's and the pizza of it of course but then I was literally obsessed after like 2 months or something but the pizza is bussin 🤤

Recommendation #4

When I ate there the food was literally amazing, at first I felt like it wasn't going to be the best experience but then it was literally so good and the experience really went well and let me point something out, their food is really bussin, I just want to go there and eat again🥲