It’s me Jue! I eat all the time, make sweets for a living, and cook, sometimes.

Bekal Days for #SiDia

I make meal boxes!

I love eating out but it seems the both of us have been spending waaay too much on eating out. Both of us work in the kitchen for long hours and the only thing we want to do is to get all the sleep we can and leave the house at the very last minute, which only means that we would only get our meals near our workplaces.

Then I realised my money’s getting so low just because we’ve been eating so much outside! 😫 and me over-ordering didn’t help for sure 🙈 so I decided, it’s just time to save money and to just cook, make meal boxes or Bekal ahead for the both of us, or sometimes for #SiDia.

After a couple of meals, I find myself constantly going on YouTube, different apps, blogs, just to see what quick recipes I could do for our box the next day.

So yay! I make meal boxes now!

That Pastry Lyfe

I get to make sweets for a living! Finally!

I doubted myself as I see myself being surrounded by peers who were almost 10 years younger than me, at the start of their culinary careers, with a whole long journey well ahead of them. Young, fresh, strong. How do I compete with that while everyone who were my age had already been in the industry half their lives and how do even stand a chance? Damn it man! Why do I have to get to this so late 😭😭😭

Younger peers who will have all these time ahead of time, to explore, to learn, to climb up that career ladder which I so badly want to. I was jealous, probably still am, sometimes 😭🙈 but then this was when I realised where my age and experience in all my previous work helped me set myself apart (for the better) from the youngins 😂

I see things differently as they do, I weigh in on different possibilities before every action that I make, I don’t quit easily, I am resilient, I don’t winge, I stand up for myself when I need to, I take criticism constructively and not harp on any, and I am mature.

I started later than when I actually hoped to start but I’m here now, making sweets for a living, finally! ❤️