Our Story

The Why, The Brand & The Goal

Juicing with Jazz is a female minority-owned and operated business founded by me, Jazmine Biggs, along with the assistance of my closest loved ones. I was originally born and raised in the city of Brotherly Love, Philadelphia, PA and now bottle my juices in the heart of Baltimore, MD. I am mother to an amazing son, a bonus mom to two beautiful children that I have the pleasure of assisting to raise with their awesome father. I am a woman of faith who unconditionally loves her family, and also a healthcare employee for a prestigious hospital, with over 15 years of experience.

I originally started Juicing with Jazz as a personal opportunity to finally Give Back to Me. After realizing the constant dedication, love and time I was giving to others over the past years, and the neglect I put on my own body, it wasn’t until the Summer of 2019 that I accepted the need to refocus on the Self Love for me. That’s when the Juicing with Jazz journey originated and I started my true passion for juicing, working out and making healthier initiatives. With the motivation of friends & family, I managed to start my brand and was quickly reminded of why I could never lose my love to Give Back to Others. I then began offering juice packages for purchase to family & friends.

I chose the phrase ‘Giving Back to You’ to represent my business because I want my customers to understand that everything they do is a part of their journey to become a better version of who they are. Whether it be the decision to start juicing, fitness training, eliminating toxic relationships, finding that drive that gets them going everyday, fitting into that sexy dress that’s been hiding in the back of the closet or simply being able to walk into the store and purchase jeans 2-3 sizes down, all I want others to understand is that you must first "LOVE WHO YOU ARE" on the inside before you can accept what’s on the outside. What people often forget is that you have to put in the consistent efforts while on your personal journey before you can see tangible results. Understanding that you need balance in your life is a must, as well. Don’t neglect yourself or body from the things you enjoy the most. Instead, learn to minimize indulging, or implement periodic fasting into your weekly regiments.

Despite the pandemic, Juicing with Jazz still manages to grow and evolve. If anything, the pandemic motivated me to elevate my creative business ideas, opened new opportunities, began the start of my presence at a local Farmer’s Market, and much more.

The presence of ‘Juicing with Jazz’ today is about Giving Back to You on a multitude of levels which include:

• All-Natural Juicing
• Providing Juicing with Jazz tips to motivate and inspire others to begin or continue their fitness journeys
• Giving back to the community with food and clothing giveaways
• Providing convenient fruit and vegetable options for individuals living in so-called 'food deserts' in our city.
• Becoming a role model and mentor to anyone contemplating opening a Minority or Woman Owned business
• Using Music to connect w/ Real Life Situations
• Growing Love Gardens to encourage sustainability
• Capturing the beauty of the world that surrounds us everyday
Juicing with Jazz is all of these things and more. Most certainly, Juicing with Jazz proudly stands by its slogan: FEED YOUR SOUL HEALTH JUICE. NO JUNK. CHEMICAL FREE. ALL NATURAL COLD PRESSED FRUITS AND VEGETABLES. Giving Back to You, ONE JUICE AT A TIME.

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