About me

Inspiration & Dedication

Hello everyone! My name is Jennie Moore, and I’m from Southeast Missouri. I love art, fashion, travel, history, and meeting new people!
I make my living through my small business called Jukebox Jennie’s, where I create art and accessories by hand! I also am a freelance writer. I specialize in historical & local pieces, which you can find on my blog, and in 573 Magazine!
My newest endeavor is my first hands on experience with historic preservation. In July of 2021, I founded the Knob Lick Historical Society along with a group of intelligent, passionate people.
I am so grateful for all of the support, as I couldn’t pursue these passions without it. I hope you continue to enjoy my work throughout its evolution!

About The Blog

The Diary of Jukebox Jennie

The Diary of Jukebox Jennie is a blog that I created in early 2019. I have always had a passion for history, travel, and lifestyle. I’ve also enjoyed arts like photography and writing for as long as I can remember. After some long thought, I realized that a blog would be the perfect outlet for all of my passions to come together. Here I share my personally written articles and photos on topics I love.
The concept of having this platform to share and discuss these topics with others who are interested, is an amazing experience.
On the blog you will find articles and series on several subjects, such as history, travel, lifestyle, and activism. I research, write, and compose every article myself, to keep that personal touch.
I hope you enjoy my blog, and stick around to follow my content. I am so grateful for every reader who stops by, as you are the reason I am able to do this. Thank you.

If you are interested in collaborating and/or sponsoring an article, feel free to contact me by any social media or by email which can be found on my Instagram.

Jukebox Jennie’s

Art & Accessories

Jukebox Jennie’s is a one woman show established in June of 2020. Here you will find a cross between retro & y2k inspired pieces, all created by hand.
Head to the website to see my chokers, to shoe charms, funky earrings + more, all at affordable prices!
You can also join me on social media, where I post updates, teasers, and interact with my customers.

Click here to go to Jukebox Jennie’s