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Let’s talk trauma...

Did you just get that sinking feeling? “What type of trauma is she going to talk about?” “I hope it’s not something to do with death" or about to be a similar story to YOUR trauma, and you don’t want to be reminded of that today, and that's perfectly ok.

I'm not going to call out a specific trauma because this isn’t specifically for me. This is for us. Trauma comes back to you at the worst times, ruins moments and clouds beautiful memories... but guess what, you survived, and you made it, and every day you still laugh, smile, and do something that makes you happy, you beat that trauma. You carry on and that's a win... happiness on top of it? Cherry on the top baby.

Not every day is easy and triggers may show up in places that just seem like a cruel joke. But you’re here...you've read this far, and you’re about to remember this next time you feel like it's weighing you down. Breathe and let it pass through you... trauma may have made our path look different from the one we had in mind, but the path still leads somewhere, and you are here to be and do something amazing.

Whatever your trauma is, do not compare it to others. Do not lessen it because someone else’s was “worse”. That is YOUR trauma, your feelings are just as valid...a tear is a tear no matter what caused it. I needed to write this today, and I hope some of you read it. Not every day is easy, but I think I find the easy ones that much more beautiful now 💕