Julia Erman | Business Mentor

Leading women who want to have an impact since 2019

Hey, I’m Julia; thanks for stopping by my page! 🤚

I am a special needs mom, wife, business leader, and small-town girl with big dreams.

My background is in early childhood education leadership. After having our first child, the work I was doing no longer fit.🤰

Post children, I began to reevaluate what I was passionate about, where my gifts lay, and what I wanted to do that support this life we’ve been given. 🤷‍♀️

I realized my true passion was coaching women. I light up when I get to help them see blind spots and unleash themselves to create an even more significant impact in the world. 🌎

When I saw my cousin doing it, I knew this was my calling. 💃

Today I get to lead a team of almost a hundred women. I get to teach them how to create a stream of income, show up authentically on social media, and have an impact. 👯‍♀️

I am so humbled to lead this fantastic team. We are women who are committed to impact and being authentic and vulnerable.

Guess what; there is room at the table for you too!! 🍽

If you wonder if there is more to life, if there is something other than a 9-5, or you are raising young kids like myself and wondering where YOU have gone, guess what you are in the right place! 👶

If that’s, you let’s chat. Click the link on my next page, or slip into my DMs.

Let’s do this thing called life together and create an impact so huge no one will believe it!

💜 Julia