Welcome Soul Family !

A Daily Dose of Happiness with -Juliana Andrea

Welcome soul family! My name is Juliana Andrea. Founder of Juliana Andrea’s Sanctuary. My mission is to help you step into your light and remind you that you are divine. Here at “Juliana Andrea's Holistic Health & Wellness Sanctuary '' We provide a holistic alternative for the Mind, Body, and Soul.

Helping you identify a vision for wanting to make lifestyle changes. Guiding you in becoming more aware, clear and aligned with reasons why you want to reach your personal wellness goals. At the sanctuary we consider the specific areas in your life that you may want to improve, and move forward with a holistic approach.

I am so confident that with every met goal and accomplishment you will grow in your purpose and continue to shine. I am here to encourage you to break free from any chains that may be holding you back. Guiding you to be emotionally, mentally, spiritually, physically, and financially free of restrictions and limiting beliefs. More importantly Im here to be a support system reminding you every step of the way that you are ready... Ready to rewrite your comeback story and live a life that you are always proud of. - With love and intention

The concept of wanting to create a health and wellness sanctuary began with my own personal healing journey and path towards enlightenment and conscious living. My wish for you is to help you activate the source within so that you can continue to live a purposeful life with a full heart and a nourished mind , body and soul.