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🌟Hi! I wanted to first start off, by thanking you for taking the time to go through my page. I hope as your reading this, you will realize you are not alone and that we all have our own chaos, before ketones, I was that girl, Who would live through other people’s Facebook stories. I was very self conscious about how I looked and had a toxic relationship with food” literally love/hate” before ketones and self development, I was that girl that would go in her van to be alone to cry, eat and listen to music ,it was my go to place, when my life felt it was falling apart, that’s where I would run to. I was such an emotional eater ,that’s how I handle my stress. It was horrible, in some crazy fucked up way, when I look back on my old habits, I felt like I was punishing myself with food, crazy right but it’s true. Food relationship weren’t the only thing that I allowed toxic in my life, I was always comfortable with toxic relationships and friendships, I had that need to be wanted and accepted, if one would hurt me, it would push me harder to try to figure out away to make them want me, example if someone hurt me I would think omg, what can I do to make them happy “ so toxic a lot of this had to do with my childhood, my mother and I have a love hate relationship, I always wished it was different but I have learned to except and move forward. if one would hurt me, it would push me harder to try to figure out away to make them want me, example if someone hurt me I would think omg, what can I do to make them happy “ so toxic, So one day, after watching lisa story, witch I watched for several months, I noticed a change in Lisa, she was more confident, happy and was losing so much weight, I wanted to be apart of that, Me being a mom of four boys! I needed more energy, better sleep, more focus and of course the fat loss! I needed to be the best version on me, I truly believe people’s feed off your energy, so, if I wasn’t happy and I was depressed, what kind of vibes, were my children getting and if I was allowed, so much toxic to be around me, what was I teaching my boys ! that’s when I decided it was time to make a change! Ketones have changed my life! I didn’t notice the fat loss right away but I noticed how I felt! This positive force of energy was just going right through my body! It made me feel Like I could do anything ! It was amazing! I was happy, more active and I was really getting shit done ! Than the fat loss started really showing, I was dropping pant sizes like crazy, talk about confidence booster ! For the first time, I was happy with me , I was proud ! I lost 70lbs but most important I gained relationship with myself, I got to learn, who I was and to love me and to forgive myself for not allowing me to care for myself for so long, I started reading a lot of self development books, I truly believe self development is so important, if you love yourself and believe in yourself things will fall into place, we have control with who we allow in our circle, if people are negative and bringing you down, they don’t belong in your circle, negative energy can really bring a person down, I apologize for how long this was but I truly hope you believe you are not alone, if you are reading this and you were me before ketones, you owe it to yourself to be the best version of yourself! It doesn’t have to be with ketones but do something that you will love and be consistent with! I would love to be apart of your journey 🌟