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“Julie is amazing. She hits me with reality & makes me realize a lot of things. She is very thoughtful, wise, philosophical, intelligent, and almost like a therapist. She helps me with personal problems & discovering things about myself that I don't even consider and helps me overcome some of the issues I have. Every time I talk to her, I learn something new and our conversations reach a point that has me thinking. She has a lot of knowledge on different, touchy subjects. She’s mature.”
— Favian Martinez


“I've met A LOT of people... And Julie is one of a kind. She captivates my thoughts with our conversations. I had to do a lot of thinking and reevaluating. Her words really resonated with me. She has the ability to expand people’s views on anything in my opinion. Her drive is inspiring and motivating. Her energy is nurturing and soothing. Her passion is contagious. Her knowledge of health is also something I admire. She’s able to give me a piece of her mind or tell me about myself in a way to where I can’t get upset; it only makes me think of my actions in a different light and fix what I can. She has a way of wording things to make me see her point of view and understanding where I went wrong without getting me worked up. She makes me think about it instead of me getting defensive or argumentive. All I can do is agree with 99% of what she says and thinks. She is very well articulated. She helped me think clearly. She can be the calm amidst the storm. She’s the type of person that's able to get anyone to see her side of things. I love how she brings me out of the negative. She is amazing. She was the only person who got me out of my mindset. She makes me feel better. Everything she says helps. I enjoy being taken out of my normal motions by our conversations.”
— P.M Banks


“I’ve never met someone especially of Julie’s age whose train of thought is quite different or new. People her age just don’t think or perceive at her level. I see her as a leader... analytical & full of solutions— an old soul who’s been here before.”
— Jeremy Garcia


“Julie’s a really awesome person. I thank her so much; she’s such a good person to talk to. I haven't let anything out in so long. She made me feel so much better. She has really good advice.”
— (Anonymous)


“Julie is all about growth. She’s really mature for her age. She talks with passion & it’s very meaningful. I enjoy every response from Julie. She’s a philosopher. She can talk about an array of different things & give deep explanation behind it. It was a lot of things I didn’t know before conversing with her. She has communication skills & people skills. She keeps it so authentic that I could talk to her all day and night. I dig how she breaks it down. I never looked at things a certain way & her perspective makes sense. I like how she explains things & I learn. She explains things really good to give good clarity. I learned a lot from her— got a different perspective about life, and how we should look at it helps me when conversing to another person, especially when it comes to partnership, relationships, comfortability, and business. She gave me a lot of nuggets that I can use to advance my people skills. Her input is valuable.”
— Earl Onu


“Julie always makes me feel better. I love learning from her. I appreciate her for the knowledge, for not being judgemental, accepting me, being cool with me, and just being here to talk to. I truly am at peace when I talk to her. I have her to thank. She’s been a great impact on my life and inspired me to want to be me and be happy. Every time I would start to feel depressed, she would pop up and slap me out of it. She’s hella kind. She makes everything so clear and easy to understand. She always gives great advice. I’m 100% comfortable with her; I feel safe and confident. I trust her with all my heart, like I could share anything with her without judgement— just small criticism because she does look out for me and tries to make me see things in a different light. I hella love and appreciate that. All I know is when I doubt myself and I’m feeling insecure, she always helped build me up.”
— (Anonymous)


“Julie’s like a philosopher. She’s good at this; no wonder she started this. She gave me really good advice. I thank her for the suggestions & words of wisdom.”
— Phillip Aldama


“Julie gave one of the most helpful tips anyone can receive in their journey. I like the way she breaks it down. She made me feel better about myself and less ‘alone.’ She has a comforting point of view and makes great analogies. She has a lot of good points I really should keep in mind— big reality check. I learned a lot about myself. She’s Einstein in the cut— some real higher level thinking she’s got. I’m in love with her wording; she explains things so well. She gave me one of the best ideas I’ve heard in a long time— it released a lot of my apathetic feelings. She gave me a lot of clarity on my current situation and different perspectives I haven’t considered. She truly puts my situation into perspective— I don’t know how I would’ve got this kind of knowledge without her. I started incorporating her advice; made me feel more at ease with myself and the process in general. I already feel the difference. She really has a way of pulling the best lessons possible from experiences— it’s genius. She inspires me heavy because she shows me that I too, am capable of overcoming it all. Her outlook on things is so much healthier and gives me so much more access to positive energies. How she explains— it’s amazing and very healing to my own point of view on it; very eye-opening and helpful. I thank her for the encouragement. She gives me advice that pertains to my current situation nearly every time. Sometimes she says some harsh truths. She really puts me on some useful things I looked over without too much thought. She points out the problems I need to repair specifically then I contemplate over those things. Her perspective helps me cope better. I love our deep talks. It’s therapeutic.”
— Eddie L.

Regenerative Detoxification Health Specialist • Life Coach • Model

About Julie Educere


My name is Julie and I am passionate about Personal Development, profoundly learning the Self (& Other), Astrology, Natural Health, and Philosophy. Ever since I was 13, I was fascinated with health & doing transformative work. Additionally, throughout my final teen years, I have been studying Astrology to its depths as it can be utilized as a blueprint to our internal function & lives. Moreover, I had a component in me that wanted to help others in some form within their life. Now, I'd like to share my passion and knowledge of the subject(s) with you.

So far, others’ feedback has been very rewarding for me. They have all encouraged me to offer my skills to the public, so I look forward to working closely with you on the areas of life you care most about or struggle with the most (e.g. mindset, the self, relationships, career, health).

In addition to Astrology, I am also a certified Regenerative Detoxification Health Specialist & Life Coach with a focus on personal development, mindset, and self-awareness. Depending on your needs, I will incorporate these specialties into our session too. Your privacy will always be respected as well, thus, the personal information shared during our sessions will remain 100% confidential between us only, unless otherwise authorized directly by you. I welcome & aspire to create a safe space for everyone who is serious about themselves.

Personal Development • Self-Awareness • Digging Deep Into The Self

- Rates -

Work personally with me:

• 1 - 7 minutes: $1 - 4

• 15 minutes: $8

• 30 minutes: $15

• 1 hour: $30

• 1 month of weekly discussions & advice (40 min. per session): $100

— or —

Email me a question you have about your situation so it can be featured & discussed on my Youtube channel. This will simultaneously help others who also have the same question or are dealing with a similar situation.

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Contact: (669) 296-9270

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