Juliet john is a women development coach, life clarity coach, entrepreneur, and philanthropist.

I help young women gain clarity and live purposefully.

Juliet John is an Entrepreneur, marriage counselor, girl child education advocate, and women development coach.
She works with young women to help them gain clarity in life and give out more to their society. She also works with female business owners, coaches, consultants, and entrepreneurs helping them become liberated in their fullest expressions, connected to their true desires, unleashed their fabulous selves, reclaimed the freedom to be all that they are, and effortlessly attract anything they want in their professional and personal life.

JULIET JOHN is a graduate of Nuhu bamalli polytechnic Zaria kaduna State where she studied science laboratory technology in the year 2012, and chemistry at the same University in the year 2915. She's also a graduate of Mogi global leadership school where she was trained in leadership, entrepreneurship, and community development, 2019.
She is also a graduate of Taraba business school where she studied project management, in 2020.

Professional courses
A certified public speaker with yali network,
she's a certified Mentor with pack way mentors hub, she's trained marriage counselor certified sex exploitation and abuse advocate by UNICEF, and certified monitoring and evaluation by the United States institute of peace.
currently, she's undergoing an educational program at Ahmadu Bello University Zaria ( PGDE).

She has been recognized severally for her work for humanity. She was awarded the Best outstanding student at Mogi global leadership school in 2019, she was also awarded the Best content creation of the year by a global influencer's network,

she was also recognized by the stadole global institute of health and safety management for her selfless service towards humanity in 2020.

She was awarded a golden Mentor of the year 2021.

Juliet John is the CEO of Julie's Home Foundation, Julie's Home training center, and the founder of great women of impact COMMUNITY. Through her foundation, she has been able to impact lives both young and old in her community and outside her community through education, training, outreach, and health sensitization.

She's the founder and president of juvepik agency limited, a human outsourcing and recruitment agency.

She's a member of the Pan African women forum for grass root development Nigeria's vice president

She's a member and state president women club of global village connections, Nigeria chapter.

She's a UN volunteer,
Volunteer with plan international organization

She's a role model to young women and a philanthropist.

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