Juliana Carvalho

“ To fall in love with yourself is the first secret to happiness” - Robert Morley

About two years ago I started my curly hair journey. I was always ashamed of my natural hair. I was told that my curly hair was ugly and unprofessional, so I felt the need to straighten my hair almost everyday since I was 13 until I was 19. This damaged my hair severely!!! Around my senior year I dyed my hair blonde, red, black in order to feel more confident,but it made it worse. I did not think my hair could get any worse, but then I joined the military. In the military all females depending on their hair must wear their hair in a bun. And let me tell you... MY HAIR GOT EVEN WORSE!!! At this point my hair felt like an old straw broom. This was because, my hair was so damaged already and the super tight bun I had to wear every day caused extreme breakage. My hair was so horrible that it would not grow at all!

After I turned 19 I FINALLY decided to stop putting heat on it. It was a new beginning. Since then I have only put heat on my three times so far. Even though my hair is not completely curly, my self confidence has gone up tremendously! The boost in my self confidence made me overall happier with myself. This is the reason I joined Monat I want to help people gain the self confidence that I lacked years ago whether it’s through hair, skin, and/ or wellness products. There are two quizzes located on the next page in order for us to to know what products will work the best for you. Let’s start your new beginning!