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“Husb, I want my bath” 🛀

Building a full bath from scratch in 30 days

I’ve told how it was that we found our house in 2017. Reason that triggered the whole story that led me to become a real estate agent in MI!

Yeah! The house was perfect for us: in desired location, the size we were able to maintain, it had just been completely renovated and, better: at the price that fit in the pocket $ !!! Perfect match (isn't it dear customers who are looking for a home to buy ?!)
However....isn’t everything PERFECT otherwise it would not be REAL, it would be a DREAM! And as our life is very real (mine here at least is) - something had to have to challenge us!

The “almost perfect” house had 2 full bathrooms .... but they were in the wrong place! Oops ... Correcting! they were in the right place: one on the first floor of the house and the other in the basement. Just a detail: on the second floor, where the bedrooms are, a third bathroom was missing!

Can you imagine showering on the first floor and going up the stairs wrapped in a towel to change in the room on the second floor !? Or ... waking up at dawn to pee and go down the staircase trying to reach the bathroom ?! Well ... we agreed with this craziness because at the end, the house had a lot more pros than cons and almost completed our entire wish list!

Two years passed and in 2019 we had the news that our family would grow! Whoever was pregnant or followed the daily life of one of those knows that the bathroom ends up becoming the extension of the person ... if we could put the bathroom in the bag and take it everywhere, it would be the ideal world! It’s our refuge from morning sickness, where we go running when the bladder squeezes almost every 5 minutes ... and, after the baby is born ... ahhhh! That's where we give that tasty “tchibum” to the baby and everything else happens! It is even there that as moms we have our “me time” when we close the door with the excuse of bathing and that for a few minutes we forget about the world outside.

I was at 5 months of pregnancy that one day I woke up decided and said: “Husband, I want my bathroom”!


Steps before the adventure began

When in fact we decided to face the “Bathroom Project”, one of the first thing we had to decide was:

Where exactly would that be built. On the second floor of our house we had a very spacious bedroom that could be split and we would still having a “decent” size of bathroom. The challenge was to figure out how we would bring all the plumbing from the basement to the second floor, respecting the direction / position of the structure of the house (beams). Unlike the constructions in Brazil, the entire structure of the houses here are made of wood and there are rules for passing plumbing through this structure.

After we had a sense of where we wanted the bathroom, we called two contractors for a quote. They came here and said the same thing: "It is not impossible to put the bathroom upstairs, but we have to think about how to do this". Then they came back with the quote, “the heart-attack” ones! Lol! One quote came at $ 32k and the other at 19k (labor only).lol!

At that very moment, we made another very important decision: Let’s do it by yourself (DiY)! So the DiY concept started to be our mantra! Lol!

Next post I will talk about how we decided the construction supplies and the project team! (I incorporated the PMO concept too - Project Management Office) ... OMG! I try to leave the corporate world, but it doesn't leave me!