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I bought two hours with an astrologer for $250 as a present for myself on my eighteenth birthday. I was floundering. I couldn't tell the difference between myself and all the sheer crap surrounding me.

In that reading she told me that I was meant to be an astrologer (a statement that I mostly ignored at the time btw). I began living in the chart; watching how the signs in people interacted with each other. I had a gift for understanding what folx needed to hear.

Juno Jane Astrology began as love notes to my friends based on what I'd seen when I studied their charts. It began as reading families charts at the laundromat I worked at. It began as me sitting at a dining room table and helping a family understand each other a little better

I can't help but make people cry. I've noticed that since I began inserting myself in the healing journey's of those I come into contact with. Sometimes when people sit in my chair, it's the first time they've ever had their deepest inklings validated. It can be alarming; but it is my job to show people the undeniable truths about themselves.

It is my job to redirect people towards what they are meant for.

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cancellation policy

astrology is my full time job.

i attend markets to do short, inexpensive readings, and promote my business.

the majority of my money is made via private bookings. when you book a reading; i clear most of the day to prepare the space and study your chart.

when a reading is cancelled last minute, it is extremely disruptive to my practice. the cost of the reading also includes the time i spend before and after preparing. Not to mention the cost of maintaining the stu throughout the month.

when people book readings with me; they are telling me that they value my time and gift enough to want me to commit a full day to seeing them as whole.

because of this; cancellations within 24hrs notice will require the full cost of services. i appreciate y’all for understanding and i can’t wait to see y’all soon :)