Invest in your hair. It’s the crown you never take off.

Hi! I’m Justine. Welcome to my beauty page!

I’m all about improving lives in any way that I can. It’s so rewarding to me ✨
Everyone deserves to look and feel their best and I’m here to help you with that.

How it all began...
I started using Monat when I noticed an increase in fall out every time I washed my hair with the popular shampoos we all know of. Not only was my hair falling out more, but the texture was dry and dull. I lost the beauty of my natural hair and I wanted it back!
After hearing about Monat, I decided to read up on its ingredients and by doing so, I felt compelled to try these natural products on my hair. It has been one of the BEST decision that I’ve made thus far. My mother always said to me as a little girl “Your hair is your beauty.” She was right.

Your hair goals are achievable with the use of vegan, plant-based, non-toxic, anti-aging products. If you are interested, please take the hair quiz below.

Let’s get you started on this new, healthy journey that your hair and skin will want to thank you for!

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