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I read for fun. I love the concept of love.

Just another 18 year old who has lots of things to say but can't.

I'd love if you find this space safe and relatable.

Care for people simply because Life and Love doesn't.

We crave love. Love is strange. Mysterious. You cannot understand it even when you are drowned in it. It’s very subtle. Once you are in it, it is very difficult to get out of it. I have realized something, which I have decided to write down. When we are young, our parents, grandparents, relatives, hold us, cradle us, kiss us on the forehead. This probably continues until we are 11 or 12 years old. Then it subsides, slowly. The warmth you get in your mother’s arms, you slowly stop getting it. But that warmth is required in each and everyone’s lives. We look for that warmth throughout our lives. We are hungry animals. Once we get the attention, affection and warmth from a person, we don’t want to let them go. We fall in love with that human being. When we see, that person looking out for us, holding us, being there beside us emotionally and providing us with that warmth that we crave, which we did not get when we were teenagers, we fall in love with that person. If the love does not last, we can't seem to think about anything besides them. Why? Because we don’t want to lose that attention, compassion, warmth that we got, again.

Just a thought

Whenever I have a chat with a stranger, I am really not interested in what party they went to,whose birthday party they had a delicious cake in or what new drink they tasted. I want to know what new book you read, what new music you listened to, how do you feel about literature, do you believe in Love? Whatever topic you talk about, the one topic which hits you the hardest is Love. You can’t really explain love. According to the mathematical me, Love = Abstract Art. It’s whatever you want it to be. It’s butterflies in the pit of your stomach, it’s mint green coloured eyes, it’s coffee tainted papers with beautiful words, it’s The Beatles, it’s the smell of soil after first rain, it’s the colourful spring, it’s chilly winters spent under the warm blanket, it’s the falling brown leaves in autumn, it’s the dancing daffodils, it’s the setting sun, it’s the full moon, it’s anything you need it to be. It’s what you make. It’s the memories you make. Literally, it’s you. Coming back to the initial topic, yes I want to know your heart. I need you to give me your heart and I can promise I’ll not let it go. Give me the real you. I want to hear what you felt when you saw her/him for the first time. What went through your head? What happened to your heart? What happened to your pupils? Did your lips part? Did the butterflies resting in your stomach suddenly wake up and started running a marathon? I want to see how your face lights up when you think of him/her. If love is the answer, what do you think is the question? -Miki

It hurts but it's worth it...

When you start to like a person, for their personality, the way they talk, their eyes, their voice and then you crave their touch on your skin. You don’t fall in love with them because they give you their attention. You fall for them because you admire that person, for whatever reason. Your love maybe or may not be reciprocated. But here is the beauty of love. When you love someone and you don’t know if they love you back or not, that feeling of mystery and adventure is one of the greatest feelings you’ll ever experience in your entire life. You love to look at them. Stare at their eyes. Imagine scenarios of you talking to that human being. Prepare a script for when you talk to him/her. You love to blush when you’re caught looking at them. You hurriedly move your gaze from them. But when you see them, looking at you, your whole heart bursts with happiness. When your hands accidentally brush, or when your thighs touch when you sit beside each other, your whole universe seems to rejoice it! That feeling of loving in secrecy and that freedom of imagination of what may happen is beautiful. There are no boundaries, no sense of punctuality. It is wild, free and happy. It is your own world! It doesn’t require a beautiful dress or a smart t-shirt. It doesn’t include awkward silences, being on time at a particular place. Time does not matter to you. There are no expectations or a slight pressure of hurting the person. It’s all you! Things that matter are the longing stares, slight brush of fingers, maybe a hug and eye-contact… That is love for me.


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Nights. The only time in your day when you are truly content with yourself, your life. Nothing bothers you. Not even Love. Love? Love is a bitch. Everyone probably knows that. Some of us love so hard, that it pains us. ‘Hurts’ we call it. Yes the initial stages are so damn beautiful. Accidental touches, shielded longing stares, sharing playlists, them watching your instagram stories, one text and that’s all it takes to make your day. But if it ends. The whole body is in pain. Nerves know your grievance. They participate in compelling you to feel more, think more. We miss the routine of thinking about ‘them’, waiting for a text, the serotonin and oxytocin rush, the attention. I reckon we all think about our pain until it becomes dead. There is always something that brings it back to life again and we try our best to disregard those ‘things’. ‘Triggering elements’ we call them. A song, a place, a colour of the sky maybe. Nights are the only time when Pain can’t touch you. Or so you think. The emotions you feel hit you the hardest at night. We are all born with Pain built in. It’s like a mobile phone with an alarm facility except this alarm is not set by us. Certain things, situations, people, music, movies, literary pieces set that alarm off. This alarm sets our whole being on fire. Miki.