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a little about me…

Hey, I’m Leah!
I’m a Southern girl turned Midwestern.
I married into Chiefs kingdom & wouldn’t have it any other way. ❤️💛🏈 I have the most incredible husband and stay at home with our two perfectly handsome baby boys.

I am a lover of Starbucks, Target, candles, flowers and earrings; oh and fuzzy blankets… for good measure. I collect dream catchers, turtles and coffee mugs!

I have a passion for connecting with other moms who have young kids, because I know how difficult and lonely it can be at times! I love to lift you up and help you feel like yourself again. The goal is to remember what it’s like to be more than just “mom.”

Make sure to reach out and let me know how I can best help you! Let’s connect.

Love, Leah 💕✌🏼

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Connecting with women in a valuable way

I was looking for more in my social influencing, and I decided to take on another course of action that is completely mine.

I’ve created a mommy blog, in a sense, where I show my day to day and helpful insight through: recipes, kid activities, arts and crafts, holiday inspiration, beauty tips, tricks, techniques, and tutorials. I’m already doing these things on a daily basis, so why not share about that too? My hope is that I can connect with other women, moms in particular, and be a resource for their needs. I would love to connect with you! I appreciate feedback and suggestions so that I can make this a place everyone finds value.

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