Literally just a teen lol

Just A Teen

Sup y’all it’s me I am freaking G.O.A.T. You will never meet anyone as hot as me or my friend group 🥱 so enjoy reading my masterpiece or whatever

Borderline-bored and plugged-in

POV your bored to death and have been granted internet access (published Friday November 5th 2021)

We’ve all been there when life seems completely useless and utterly boring and got nothing to do. So, here’s a list of online websites I’ve kept myself busy with while falling into the abyss of pure boredom and nothingness😐

*blink* *blink*

Naming colors

This website’s a fun way to spice up this earth and find some fancy new colors for everyone to enjoy. There are literally MILLIONS of colors out there that have no names other than #73419936492716394927 shade green… so why not name a few after you! Or maybe ur dog… or your invisible best friend… or your “pet bunny” you found in a field three years ago… but hey! Now you’ll have a piece of history left behind by you ☺️

If the moon were a pixel

This here galaxy is HUGE. And yes while ur probably here instead of doing your science homework, it doesn’t hurt to do a little learning right? On this website, the creators decided they wanted to see how big the galaxy and planets would be if the moon was the size of a pixel and TRUST me you will be on this website for a looooooooooong time. (I would prefer to try this one on a computer but a phone works too)

Dino game

Ah yes if it isn’t the classics dinosaur game. This “no internet” game has been around for so long it almost seems like it’s as old as a dinosaur itself… *knee slap*. I personally am obsessed with cute lil dinosaurs and this game is no exception! Not to brag but my high score is 2683 🥱
The link I added is made for phones since the real game is only for computers, but if u still wanted to play on a computer even with internet you can just go to chrome://Dino 🙃

The invisible cow

This game is suuuper random but that’s ok cause when r we not. Basically there is just an invisible cow on ur screen somewhere and you use hot and cold to try and find it. (Make sure the volume is on to find him ;)
Also this link is for computers only

Finger pointer

This app is totally useless but who cares, it’s honestly kinda funny. Just tap anywhere on the screen and magically a photo will appear of someone pointing right where you pointed too 😱😳

Two kinds of people

There are two kinds of people in the world. Or so says one of the funniest trends today where people show two pictures of super random things that show people’s different opinions and it can be hilarious. This website has a few funny ones on their but if it doesn’t satisfy you needs you can always just look at photos online. 🙃

Totally notmal website

This is definitely just a normal website link u should click on…

Def not a Rick roll 😏

Time consuming questions

What do you do when you’re bored? You think! And what do you think about? Nothing. Wanna think about something? Sure! Here’s a list of random and funny questions that you can think about to waste you’re useless time

Shower thoughts…

Have you ever heard a question where you just…

… 😐😮😟

I think that pretty much sums it up


The website is not what it sounds like and I am still confused where the name came from 😅 but it’s just a website of funny little comics people create of totally random stuff. Trust me it’s worth your time even if you are bored

If you ever need some motivation

Come to me. The master

I can heal anyone with my inspiring quotes for I am a poet

If at first you don’t succeed

Skydiving isn’t for you

Always give 100%

Unless you are giving blood

When life gives you lemons

Freeze them and throw them as hard as you can at the people making life difficult

You Can’t have everything

Where would you put it?

Age is of no importance

Unless your cheese

Cupcakes are muffins

That believe in miracles

True friends don’t judge eachother

They judge other people together

People say nothing is impossible

But I do nothing everyday

Don’t worry about the world coming to an end today

It’s already tomorrow in Australia

When someone told me I was living in a fantasy land

I nearly fell off my unicorn

If you can’t handle me at my worst

Sucks for you cause that’s also my best

Some people are like slinkies

Aren’t really good for much but bring a smile to your face when pushed down the stairs

Gift for teen girls

Buying gifts for teen girls can be hard, even for me when I need to pick out gifts for my friends😂 hopefully this list helps and creates some inspo for you!


Yes, this one is kind of obvious and common, but it a great one! Maybe ask their mom or parent for some stores they like


All girls love skincare wether it’s a face mask, lotion, facial cleanser, a jade roller, or mist! We don’t just like to use it cause it’s good for us, but also because it’s fun :P


Cute lil romance books are a great gift even if they don’t like to read. Especially when there’s a movie that came out after the book that they can watch when their done.


These ones are kind of pricey, but good if you are shooting for a higher range

Phone cases!

Phone cases phone cases phone cases! Phone cases are a perfect gift for a girl because they are cute and fun to customize with outfits. I recommend phone cases from shein cause they are only $1.50 and you can buy a TON

Hair products

Hair products are a must if they have or a getting a straightener or curling iron. Things like heat protection or hair masks are perfect.

Room decor

Room decor is a great gift, but keep in mind, your teen probably has a plan for their room so I’d stick to something smaller like a sign or fake ivy.

Stuffed animals!

Stuffed animals are back and better than ever! Cute lil plushies and squashmallows are perfect :)

Gift cards!

Teens don’t make a whole lot of money with their jobs, and so being able to go pick up some fast food is perfect! Yes we LOVE fast food.


Aesthetic and good smelling candles are perfect for a teens room! Just make sure they aren’t dangerous.

Water bottles

This does sound random I’ll admit but somehow for some reason water bottles are trending lol. Especially acrylic ones


Rings are bracelets are really cute and in style right now, so any teen girl would love them!

Record player and vinyls

Record players are so cute and fun for teens, especially now that older music is trending! You can find tons at antique shops near you.

Penny board

Penny boards are so cute and fun and it’s a great way to spend time with family and friends and even trick them into going outside if they don’t often ;)


Teens LOVE music and dancing with friends. So speakers are a must have for some fun music memories for your teen.

Sticker maker

Stickers are soooooo fun to make and I am obsessed with making them. But they can take a long time and get messy so a sticker maker is very helpful

Polaroid printer

Polaroids are adorable and super trendy right now, but actual pictures from the camera don’t always turn out the way you want. A polaroid printer that prints straight from your phone is definitely a must.


Blankets are perfect for a birthday gift because they are so soft and definitely will be used! But it HAS to be fluffy!!

Mini backpack

Mini back packs are very in for teens who don’t want to carry a purse, and they are super cute too.

Bullet journals!

I love bullet journals and it makes me feel organized and creative! It’s also a great way for tracking sleep schedules, eating habits, and mood changes.

Pens for the bj

Every bullet journal needs good pens and markers so here are a few I recommend

Fake plants

Everyone loves plants but hardly any one can actually keep one alive lol so fake plants are a great alternative

Fuzzy socks

Let’s be honest. Everyone loves fuzzy socks. And you can find them every where too so the link is just some inspo for what a teen girl would like

Panini maker

This one is random I know, but it also so great! I love making stuff in panini makers because they are easy to make and super delicious