Hafa Adai, I’m Cynthia

The best way to predict the future is to create it

You’ve searched the job advertisements. You’ve looked for child care in your area. You’ve realized that it takes a lot of logistics to be a full time momma and have a career. You dream of that amazing vacation, spending more time with your partner/kids, having that dream car, and working on your own terms and being your own boss. You watch others doing it as your scroll through social media. Then you do that thing people do.... you doubt yourself.

You see all the makers and the doers and you think there’s already so many of them why would I be any better. Or you see the potential but you won’t commit.

Close your eyes.

Imagine yourself living the life you always hoped for.

(No seriously do it)

You’re working from home, the kids are in the back yard playing, all while your hair tribe of like-minded, driven, boss ladies are doing the daily grind. Your dreams have just come true because you my darling have created it while transforming your hair and skin.

It really is that simple. What are you waiting for? An invitation? Well here it is hon! Welcome to my tribe! Hair quiz below!

(I’m ready to shop! Just gimme the link)
DM me babe! I’ll send you the info and you can shop in privacy. lol