Justyce Rain Gould

Hey friends! Justyce here! (Pronounced like justice for those who get confused!)

I am a 20 year old Animal Care assistant, with an extreme artistic/creative personality. I am nearly the definition of outgoing! My love for fashion, photography, art, and music is some of the “behind of the scenes” of what I love to do most!

I struggled with finding a job as soon as I hit 18 years old. Every job wants someone with experience...how do you get experience if you aren’t hired!? OR they don’t call back, which is the worst. I got tired of it and finally wondered if it was possible to make a livable income from working from home. BINGO!!! Just a little while ago I partnered up with an all natural hair company and I never loved anything more. I know your wondering “why?” “Does the products actually work?” “Do you actually make a living off of this?” “Is it hard?”

1) Live free: aside from the normal day to day job we’re all required to have, I wanted to do something that got me out of my shell. Something that I love to do. I have so many different skills in different fields, what could I do? I looked up creative, money making side hustles. When I heard about this fantastic opportunity I was so skeptical...but then it hit me. What can be the worst that could happen?! All it can do is build me up and give me the opportunity to be me and show myself to the world, possibly even help others do the same!

2) The products: all I can say is WOW. They are unbelievably fantastic! Natural AND it helps my growth, volume, shine, I won’t continue too much because I’ll run out of space! I have so much less breakage, it’s for all hair types, and best of all, it flows through the wind like feathers, I’m not kidding!

3) Friendships: everyone in this business is different in their own way yet we all come together as one. They have similar skills to me, and we all have goals high as can be.

I just needed a mini side hustle on the side to spice up my life, and I ended up with a full blown business, can’t get better than that! Is it hard? Getting to your goals is never easy. But you don’t have to make it a struggle either! Love what you do.

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