Art is a way of life

Hey guys. , my name is Jennifer Vasallo ... I am a mother of two and I’m happily married to my forever supportive husband who has finally understood that I’m a creative genius that makes loads of messes ! Especially when I’m inspired...
I’m mostly known for my creative habits . I’m always brainstorming and seeing the world from a different perspective. From a young age art has moved me in a way like nothing else has . I began to explore painting in 2012 while pregnant with my youngest daughter . Its something I couldn’t let go as I discovered how it allowed me to release emotions effortlessly without words ... when I paint I am speaking my own language and it’s where I feel the most freedom... It’s always been very difficult for me to open up to people.
I want others to see my work as something expressed through pain and self reflection.
I believe that painting can be used as therapy for those who need to cope with mental health issues. It can really shed light when you feel there is no hope.
I myself have struggled with anxiety and panic attacks for many years and have seen myself in some pretty dark places . So when I say art is there for me every single time , I mean it ... I am a mother first but I refuse to put my dreams on the back burners and I would only hope that they would take that advice someday. I love spending time by the beach , dancing and meditating.
I hope you all like my work and understand it comes from a deep place in my hear and I’m ready to share it with the world ... ✌🏽

If you can resonate with some of my work or would just like to talk art,
reach out . -