BoostBalm with 𝒿𝓋𝒾ℯ𝓃.π“‰π’½π“Žπ’Ά

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Large Kit

50g Rhassoul 600 + 20mL Skin Barrier Cream

This 3-in-1 Cleanser, Scrub, and Mask is a multifunctional deep cleansing mask that is made of 80% Moroccan Rhassoul clay ( Ghassoul/Moroccan Lava clay)derived from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

Skin Barrier Cream to heal your damaged skin barrier due to many reasons such as : over exfoliation, pollution and overuse of active ingredients.

Mega Kit

50g Rhassoul + 50mL Skin Barrier Cream

Consists of Rhassoul600 which is a power pack clay which contain multiple fruit acids that helps to cleanse the skin in deeper level.

The Skin Barrier Cream contains 15 wholesome natural extracts powered by Green-Technology.

Skin Barrier Cream (20mL)

Lasts up to 3 months of use


The patented technology of film-forming invisible mask once applied.
Creates a breathable film on your skin so any cosmetic products applied above it will adhere to the film and not your skin!

Skin Barrier Cream (50mL)

Lasts up to 6 months of use


Rich in Anti-ageing properties such as Phytosan K to prevent premature ageing.
Bearberry extract is incorporated to create supple, brighter-looking skin.
The geranium extract is incorporated to battle combat with any sensitive bumps!

Rhassoul 600 (50g)

Lasts up to 3-4months of Use.

97% of customers experienced the Skin Brightening effect.

95% of customers saw an approximate 70% removal of black & whiteheads.

99% of customers feel their skin is smoother, moisturized & cleaner.

Trial Kit

10g Rhassoul600 + 10mL Skin Barrier Cream

Rhassoul 600
- Brightening Dull skin
- Helps reduce inflamation
- Skin Detox
- Shrinking Acne

Skin Barrier Cream
- Lightening Acne Scars
- Rejuvenate Skin
- Reduce Congestion
- Improve Skin Texture

Rhassoul 10g (Trial Size)

Usage Lasts Up to 3weeks

Having versatility of being able to use it as a cleanser, scrub and mask.

Skin Barrier Cream (10mL)

Lasts up to 3 weeks of use


The skin barrier cream can be used as a primer before make-up, protecting your skin from chemicals in makeup products (if you do wear make-up) and environmental damage.

How To

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BoostBalm with 𝒿𝓋𝒾ℯ𝓃.π“‰π’½π“Žπ’Ά

Old wives remedial extracts that are married with today’s modern day technology to bring out the best of your skin 🌻

πŸ₯‡ The Skin Barrier Technology
🐰 Halal & Cruelty Free Product
πŸŽ–Award Winning by SME Corp MY
πŸ§ͺCPSR approved by Oxford Biosciences,UK


The Skin Barrier Cream

An award-winning product that acts as a multi-functional cream using 15 wholesome natural extracts powered by Green-Technology.

BoostBalm Best-selling product due to its innovative functions that can create a permeable barrier on the skin that prevents chemicals in make-up products or free radicals in polluted air from entering the skin, preventing breakouts.

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Rhassoul600 3in1 Cleanser

Rhassoul clay is known for its moisturizing abilities & skin detox benefits. It helps with extracting blackheads & whiteheads easily without the need of excessive force on the skin.

Charcoal in Rhassoul 600 is used to act as an antiseptic for users that suffers from acne, tiny bumps and other bacterial skin issues, it also acts as a toxin binder which helps draw out impurities in pores too.

Multi-fruit acids in Rhassoul 600, are a combination of natural Alpha Hydroxy Acids from Bulberry, Sugar Cane, Sugar Maple, Orange & Lemon.

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