Jyreika Guest, Creator of Jyplantz

Plant Consultant

Hi! My name is Jyreika and I’m an Artist and Plant Consultant with an obsession for plants and a love for helping others keep their plants thriving! I’ve been cultivating my own garden for over five years with the knowledge of reciprocity meeting aesthetics.
I started a plant consulting business at the beginning of the pandemic and from there broadened into programming, workshops, virtual sessions, and creating community events to help more families embrace growth in their homes!

Client Testimonial

"Jyreika Guest facilitated a workshop on Environmental Wellness for our Holistic Living Program and she was phenomenal. Our community is still raving about what they learned even weeks later. The attendees are continuing the conversation Jyreika introduced to them, "How is your space speaking to you?" This was easily one of our favorite conversations during COVID. As we are spending more time at home rethinking our spaces is essential to wellness. Highly recommend."-- Affinity Community Services

Client Testimonial

“J'y was friendly and personable as she gave me helpful & easy to understand direction for my plants. I was recommended to her from a friend and the appointment set up was easy to do. I sent her pics of my plants/descriptions in advance. She was patient as she listened to my concerns and offered great help. Would definitely recommend and work with again!”— Sarah L.

Client Testimonial!

“JyPlantz was a wonderful resource to consult with about my 14 year-old rubber tree. After so many years of no drama, the tree went into shock when I brought it indoors after a few months of summer air and I had no idea about what to do for it. During our 1st 1-hour consult, JyPlantZ immediately identified that the plant was in shock and over-watered. JyPlantz was constantly moving, managing to clean the leaves, identify a small bug infestation and remove dead branches and leaves. She sent a follow-up e-mail to confirm her recommendations and plans for her next visit. During the second visit today, she repotted the tree in fresh medium, cleaned the roots and cleaned the leaves again. My plant and I are so pleased and we both feel so much better! JyPlantz’ work is well worth the price!”— Andrea H.