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If you’re waiting for a sign, HERE IT IS. If you’ve clicked on this then you somewhat have a sense as to what it is i’m in the business of but let me break that down for you. I work for the #1 selling haircare in the United States but that’s not even the best part...i’m my OWN BOSS!!

Yes, you read that exactly right. I work directly from my phone whether i’m on the patio, by the pool, on vacation, in class, on a plane, absolutely anywhere! I took a chance, a chance on an opportunity that I would have never thought I would get myself into but guess what? LIFE IS TOO SHORT TO LIVE WITH REGRETS! & let me tell you I don’t regret a single decision. I found my team, my community of women who have the same ambition & drive to better themselves & their lives for the better. I found my team of girls who push me to step out of my comfort zone & continue to show me how rewarding it is every single time. I’ve gained so much confidence & such a “cant stop-won’t stop” attitude towards every obstacle in my journey. We support each other & we care for each other- always.

Hair and skin care can’t & wont EVER go out of style. But what’s even better is having the hair and skin of your dreams while manifesting the life of your dreams at the same DAMN time🤩 Backed by the National Hair Loss Association, Leaping Bunny Certified, all organic and naturally based, free of all silicones, sulfates, parabens, harsh chemicals, and harmful fragrances...We are Monat ♡

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