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Hello All!
My name is Kelly and I love helping people become the best versions of themselves. Fitness and helping others has and will always be a huge part of my life!
When I was sixteen years old, I was very overweight and unhappy with my life. I started doing CrossFit (shoutout to Mike McKenna - my first trainer that changed my life!) with my mom to get in shape. My life changed! I gained strength, dropped weight, and learned proper nutrition to live a happy healthy life. I competed for three years in CrossFit and Olympic Weightlifting. I worked my way to Junior Nationals at the age of nineteen and placed second in my weight class. From here - I decided I wanted to learn how to do all types of fitness outside of CrossFit. In addition to being certified as a CrossFit Trainer, I set out to get more involved in personal training (through NCSF). I learned how to do bodybuilding-style lifting in a regular gym through a good friend of mine, Frank, who was a retired pro-bodybuilder. We worked together for many years and what he taught me about fitness and the industry is invaluable. Susan - my coach to this day - taught me everything about proper nutrition and how to manipulate eating to achieve my goals! I have worked in group settings (both adults and kids) but feel that I make the best bonds and see the most results with my clients with whom I work one-on-one. Nothing energizes me more than seeing someone turn their weaknesses into strengths and glow with confidence from their accomplishments.
Coming from someone who has BEEN there, I totally understand how hard and discouraging it can be to just...start. That’s why it’s great to have accountability and someone you can trust to help get you there (I need it too!)
I promise you - I truly know that feeling of physically being at your “all-time low” and can relate to you 1000x more than someone who hasn’t had that feeling. I promise you, I will do whatever I can to help you start to feel like your best self - mentally, physically, and emotionally - no matter what your goals are.
Let me help you get there - like I always say...trust the process! :)
Shoot me an email below if you are interested!

Client Spotlights

Trust. The. Process!

Client Spotlights

Amazing work done by my client Sandra. Even more so is the mental changes we overcame. From depression and not being able to get out of bed to learning to love herself and every minute of life..I couldn’t be more proud! Trust. The. Process!!!

Love Your Life or Change It.


•one-on-one monthly program sent virtually
-training only (online workout plan)
-combo (online workouts & nutrition guidance)

*I do not do set meal plans because I am not a nutritionist - but I will give guidance as far as what food groups to eat and ideally how much to eat based on individual goals and to transition to a sustainable healthy lifestyle!*

•one-on-one in person training sessions
-single session (pay as you train)
-2 session package
-4 session package
-6 session package
-8 session package
-10 session package
*pricing will be sent via email with contract
*nutritional guidance not included in in-person training packages but can be added to in-person clients at a discounted rate
*discounts available for military / military spouse / students

check-ins weekly / unlimited access to text included in all
If any additional questions PLEASE do not hesitate to contact me via email on the first page!


B.S. Psychology
NCSF Certified Personal Trainer
CrossFit Level 1 Trainer
AHA CPR & BLS Certified

Remember ...

nothing will work unless you do.