Meet me,

Social media manager & Virtual Assistant


I'm Kachi, an Engineering undergraduate in the field of materials and metallurgy, with interest in social media management and content creation.

My overall goal is to place rightly the place of marketing in engineering, helping to create products that are user-centric in the most informed way possible. Thereby bringing benefits to both the user and the engineer, increasing sales, customer satisfaction, innovation and overall industry success.

Presently as a content creator, I'm focused on creating and implementing strategies that help brands dominate social media, connect with their target audience, boost engagement and help them effectively stand out amidst the competition online. I create strategies that are customer oriented to build trust for your brand on social media as well as write copies for email marketing, websites and blogs.

Part of what I'm great at doing is help take stress off the shoulders of my clients by handling virtual tasks for them.

I'm experienced in handling the social media accounts of brands across these multiple industries:
📌Fashion & beauty
📌 Manufacturing & Construction
📌Property management
📌Food service industry

Having handled brands on social media for about 2 years now and developed the skill of Excellent Customer Service, effective communication and Branding on social media to enable brands project their unique offerings effectively, I understand and is experienced with the key activities that help boost engagement and following organically on social media.

Let's work together, shoot me a message today.