My story

Almost two years ago I went into cosmetology school Because I loved doing my friends hair and thought why not make a living out of it. While in school I started to fall out of love with doing hair but I continue to push myself until I graduated! After graduation I had no job, I hated the thought of doing hair everyday, and had no idea what I could do next! I went back to my very first job as a server was making money moved out of my parents and started paying all my bills. I started to hate life feeling so low because all I did was work and pay bills I felt as if I had no purpose in this world. I was barely making enough money to pay all my bills and a family who didn’t have the money to help support me anymore. I joined this business to be successful and still feel free enough to have a life I can call my own, this is my journey to prove I am in control of my life and what I want for it! I want to give my mom all the things she deserves in the world and I want to be able to take care of my future family as well!