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Kacie here. Nice to meet you.

I was born and raised in the Midwest.
Southern Illinois to be exact; a real small town.
Maybe 300 people. But now I live in the hill country of Texas. My husband, Collin and I are opening up a new, beautiful chapter here.

I’m a wife, hairstylist and best of a all a child of God. —I’m multipassionate; can’t just pick one thing. I thrive off empowering other women, educating on clean beauty products, booking a spontaneous trip, sharing my love for plants (all the plants) and my story how Jesus changed my life.

Entrepreneurship was never on my agenda. I mean would it be on yours? Haha. But the snowball of life brought me here. Four years later, I’m still showing up and sharing my testimony. It’s a ride for sure, but every day I wake up with passion and purpose.

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Meet the Fitzwater’s

Collin + Kacie

Collin is a ranch hand on our property here in Texas. We just got married in February — it was an actual dream. Collin + I went to high school together, but he was a few years older. We were in other relationships at the time, but I thank God He brought us back together.

We’re so happy you’re here to follow along.